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Cummins | Cederberg helps private and public clients in Florida, Caribbean as well as Central and South America transform a vision into a comprehensive marina design that is functional, economical and attractive. Successful marina design requires a holistic approach and expertise in many interrelated areas such as navigation, wind, waves, currents, utilities, master planning, marina market, and marina operation. Cummins | Cederberg considers all of these components in our marina designs. Marinas are expensive infrastructure and the full benefits should be achieved from the investment. For Cummins | Cederberg, a marina is synonymous with excitement and energy, and therefore the Cummins | Cederberg marina design moves beyond the industry standard of creating a parking lot for boats.

The engineering team at Cummins | Cederberg provides a full range of capabilities including slip layout, structural design, navigation, berthing, and numerical modeling of waves and currents. In addition, Cummins | Cederberg always considers the impacts on surrounding environmental resources and sustainability for the future. Our progressive design approach is to work with, not against, the native marine/coastal conditions, such as harnessing and enhancing natural circulation patterns to maximize water quality.

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