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The mooring of a vessel occurs in various locations and under distinct conditions throughout the world. However, whether at a docking facility, in a protected wharf or a single buoy in an open bay, careful evaluation of similar design parameters is required to protect the safety of the users, the moored vessel, and the infrastructure. These design parameters included the vessel lengths and movement limitations; vessel drafts and available water depths; vessel sizes, weights, wind-loading characteristics, and local currents; mooring hardware sizes and types. In the specific case of a mooring buoy, it is also important to understand the holding characteristics of the bottom, as well as the size and type of anchor system.

Cummins | Cederberg will perform an in-depth investigation of the key design parameters. In addition, depending on the mooring application, Cummins | Cederberg can perform numerical modeling of waves and currents to accurately examine normal and extreme loading conditions. Once the various parameters are understood, numerical analysis of dynamic loading scenarios is performed in order to determine the design conditions. The design conditions are utilized to engineer a functional, safe, and cost effective mooring system.

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