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Wave Attenuation

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An integral characteristic of a marina is establishing a safe and secure location for vessels. Many marinas are located in areas that are naturally sheltered from waves, while others require artificial methods of limiting wave influence. Large coastal structures, such as breakwaters are often utilized to protect a marina from wave impacts. However, water circulation, access and navigation are also important components of the marina, therefore, a balance is often achieved between the exposure of the navigation corridor and the allowable amount of wave energy into the marina. The allowable amount of wave energy, is that which can be efficiently attenuated by natural or artificial means.

There are generally two types of wave concerns in a marina. The first is typical wind generated waves entering the marina through an opening, which can cause rough water conditions within the marina. This scenario can make navigation and docking difficult and cause undesirable movement of moored vessels. The second type is harbor resonance or seiching, which is the formation of standing waves due to the overlapping of incoming and reflected wave energy as well as interaction with the marine structures. Seiching within a marina can also cause unwanted movement of vessels as well as extreme loads on mooring systems. The potential for seiching is based on several components, such as marina basin shape, depth, boat size and the wave conditions experienced at the site.

Cummins | Cederberg conducts complex numerical modeling to simulate the waves propagating from offshore into the marina. With this tool, Cummins | Cederberg engineers can analyze various breakwater and entrance channel configurations, as well as examine the potential for seiching within the marina. Cummins | Cederberg will then optimize the marina layout to the limit wave impacts. If layout modifications are restricted by the location, Cummins | Cederberg will examine the use of wave attenuation structures in strategic locations to dampen the wave energy.

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