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Marina & Port Wave Agitation

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Marina design is not always a simple exercise in creating a parking lot for boats, as the interaction between structures and water movement, the logistic and navigation requirements, as well as the aesthetic components must be considered.

For boaters an essential requirement for marinas is calm mooring conditions. Despite superior facilities, waves in a marina can spoil the luxury experience associated with a constant rocking motion or worse, broken mooring lines. Poor docking experiences spread quickly among boaters and can ultimately ruin a marina’s reputation as well as any associated development due to the lack of visitors.

Avoiding waves within a marina is more than just providing protection from offshore waves. Certain shapes and designs can in fact concentrate wave energy at certain frequencies resulting in increase wave heights – sometimes higher than outside the marina.

Analyzing wave agitation within marinas and ports is complex and only few companies possess these capabilities. Cummins | Cederberg utilizes the highly advanced MIKE21 Boussinesq wave model as wells as complex data processing software to achieve a complete understanding of wave and mooring conditions. Therefore, a Cummins | Cederberg designed marina includes impeccable mooring conditions and a superior boating experience.

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