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Water Quality & Flushing Analyses

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Water quality gets increasingly more attention as communities and private investors focus on waterfront revitalization and developments following a growing demand. Water circulation and storm water management along with proper supervision of construction activities are key components in these efforts, as a clean environment is promoted by environmental agencies such as US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Florida Department of Environmental Protection in the US as well as other national agencies such as Bahamas Environment, Science & Technology (BEST) Commission. For waterfront projects a flushing analysis is typically required as a key component to document the flushing characteristics and water circulation of a site.

Cummins | Cederberg engineering team is on the forefront in water quality studies with extensive experience in Florida and the Caribbean as well as Central and South America. The team routinely uses advanced numerical models to assess water circulation, pollutant dispersion and turbidity monitoring in the marine environment. These complex models are developed in close collaboration between coastal engineers specialized in coastal processes and biologists dedicated to environmental science.

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