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The ocean provides a unique feeling and is often an integrated component of successful coastal and waterfront developments. An understanding of potential coastal and waterfront enhancements in the master-planning phase can make a significant difference on the financial success of a project. Cummins | Cederberg’s approach consists of achieving an experience characterized with a strong connectivity between the ocean and upland environment, through creative design of marinas, beach improvements, and conventional coastal structures, as well as special features such as inland lagoons and waterways. Cummins | Cederberg utilizes extensive knowledge of the coastal and marine environment to produce creative yet feasible design alternatives.

The addition or improvement of a waterfront component enhances the real estate value and potentially the profitability of a development; therefore, careful consideration should be given to this component. Often this “hidden” profit can be uncovered with little or no cost increase compared to the value gained, if considered early in the master planning stages. The involvement of a technical team early in the master-planning stage of a project can help to isolate valuable and feasible options quickly, while maintaining creativity. Cummins | Cederberg works closely with planners, architects, engineers, and scientists through the master planning process to ensure cohesion with all components of a development.

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