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Cummins | Cederberg provides a range of technical capabilities to help owners safeguard their investment. From design support to construction management, Cummins | Cederberg establishes a proactive approach to help the owner maintain an aggressive yet feasible program, and ultimately achieve a superior project.

Cummins | Cederberg provides on-going support for architects, planners and financial analysts in the early phases, to ensure engineering feasibility and constructability at a reasonable cost. Cummins | Cederberg evaluates potential value engineering alternatives. Cummins | Cederberg assists in the preparation or review of technical specifications, construction drawings and bid documents, as well as the bid evaluation and selection process. Throughout the duration of the project, Cummins | Cederberg acts as an extension of the Owner's team, providing technical support to navigate complex projects and unique problem solving skills to resolve unforeseen challenges.

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