Cummins | Cederberg

Is a consulting and engineering firm specializing in the marine and coastal environments.

Cummins Cederberg is southeast Florida’s largest professional engineering firm uniquely specialized in the coastal and marine environment. The firm was founded by Mr. Jason Cummins, P.E. and Mr. Jannek Cederberg, P.E. and has steadily grown to a full service coastal and marine engineering practice that can lead projects from start to finish.

The Cummins Cederberg team of engineers and marine scientists provides unique comprehensive experience ranging from initial field investigations such as bathymetric surveying, tide/current/wave measurements, underwater structural inspections, environmental assessments, and soil borings to detailed analyses utilizing complex computer models and the engineering design and permitting of coastal dredge and fill projects, marine structures, seawalls, marinas and ports. In addition, Cummins Cederberg provides experience in contract negotiations and construction administration. This unique combination of skills allows the firm to approach projects holistically with an exceptional understanding of function and feasibility, as well as overall construction cost.

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Mr. Jason Cummins, P.E.

Mr. Cummins, a native Floridian, has resided most of his life along the waters of Southeast Florida. He is intimately familiar with the local environment and has spent a great deal of his life boating and fishing in the area. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in civil and coastal engineering from the University of Florida and has been practicing in Florida since. Mr. Cummins has served as principal engineer on numerous multi-million-dollar waterfront projects in Florida and the Caribbean. He is a recognized expert in coastal and marine construction and is frequently asked to serve as expert witness. Mr. Cummins is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Florida.

Mr. Jannek Cederberg, P.E.

Mr. Cederberg is originally from Denmark and earned his Master’s degree in coastal engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. Prior to relocating to Miami, he worked in the coastal and marine engineering departments for two large international consulting firms. Mr. Cederberg has served as principal engineer for numerous internationally acclaimed waterfront projects. Mr. Cederberg has been selected to participate in expert groups related to marina design and waterfront development as well as serve as an expert witness. He is a recognized speaker on coastal resiliency in Florida. Mr. Cederberg is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Florida.

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