PortMiami Terminal H Coral Relocation


Miami, Florida


Environmental permitting, coral relocation planning, surveying, coral transplantation, and coral monitoring for the PortMiami new cruise Terminal H


  • Environmental permitting
  • Coral relocation
  • Coral transplantation
  • Coral monitoring

More about the PortMiami Terminal H Coral Relocation project

Cummins Cederberg marine biologists relocated a total of 289 coral colonies including Oculina diffusa, Phyllangia americana, and Cladocora arbuscula from the Terminal H bulkhead at PortMiami, home of the new Virgin Voyages terminal. The corals were relocated to an artificial reef consisting of gabion baskets containing limestone boulders off Miami Beach. Prior to relocation a survey was conducted to assess the abundance, quantity, and species present, in accordance with permit conditions. Each healthy colony slated for relocation were carefully removed from the bulkhead and transported offshore to the PortMiami Artificial Reef Site.

Corals were attached to the boulders using a quick drying marine epoxy and documented for species size, health, and location. All corals were removed, transported, and reattached within the same day. After relocation, Cummins Cederberg marine biologists monitored the corals at one-week and two-week post-relocation intervals. During these monitoring events, biologists assessed the health of all relocated corals, and reattached any corals that had become loose from the artificial reefs.

Catherine OlnickPortMiami Terminal H Coral Relocation