2019 in review: Letter from our Principals

It was another BIG year here at Cummins Cederberg, and we hope this year was one of joy and growth for you as well. We have continued to have an inspiring level of opportunity and the privilege forming lasting relationships with both new and existing clients. Our philosophy of providing quality work in a transparent manner has resulted in consistent organic growth.

Our humble sized team of engineers and marine scientists continued to grow this past year, we now have a staff of 25 full time employees. Adding staff also means adding office space. Both our South Miami and Jupiter office locations expanded to larger spaces, with Miami undergoing construction and renovations resulting in a space twice our original size to accommodate our growing family. In July, we opened a brand-new office in Tallahassee including a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Chamber of Commerce.

We have had great success this year, a few noteworthy projects to mention are the completion of an entire private destination island in The Bahamas for MSC Cruises. Over the last four years we have helped transform an industrial sand excavation site to a beautiful destination island with pristine beaches, now known as Ocean Cay Marine Reserve. This year we also kicked off a major repair project at Dinner Key Marina, one of the largest marinas on the east coast of the US with over 500 slips, and a landmark here in Miami. Our marine science department completed acres of benthic survey and habitat monitoring, one survey lasted 9 days and totaled 187 acres (equivalent to 142 football fields!).

Another milestone for Cummins Cederberg was securing our first municipal coastal and marine engineering services contract as prime. Then our second… Then our third! It has been a proud year for our team from obtaining new opportunities with new clients, to the completion of innovative coastal and marine engineering endeavors, and the overall growth of the company.

We are looking forward to the coming year and are grateful for the support, partnerships and commitments everyone has made to our mission and to Cummins Cederberg over the years.

Best wishes for 2020,
Jason and Jannek

Catherine Olnick2019 in review: Letter from our Principals

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