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A University of Florida GATOR100 Company

The Gator100 Award recognizes successful Gator owned business owners and entrepreneurs and ranks the 100 fastest-growing Gator businesses in the world. The University of Florida is the alma mater of our co-founder, Jason Cummins, and the source of some of our most talented team members. We are proud to be recognized as a GATOR100 top business this year, GO GATORS!

Historic Repairs completed at the iconic Vizcaya Stone Barge

Since its construction over a hundred years ago, the Vizcaya Barge has protected the historic estate of James Deering, previously known as Villa Vizcaya, from countless storms acting as a breakwater. It is a concrete representation of a ship, designed to greet visitors arriving to the estate by boat from Biscayne Bay. The Barge was originally adorned with shrubbery, fountains, and lighting. It was an area Deering used to host parties, with gondolas to ferry guests between the shore steps and the marine structure.

Coral donation from jetty repair helps local university produce over 800 fragments

In March 2021, the Cummins Cederberg marine science team provided environmental support services associated with the South Jetty Rehabilitation project at Port Everglades. J.E. McAmis led and completed the jetty repairs, which included substantial moving and manipulation of both new and existing stones to obtain the required interlocking within the appropriate tolerances. The jetty is in a dynamic marine environment, where experts in coral relocation were needed.