Currie Park Redevelopment


City of West Palm Beach, Florida


Design, permitting, and construction administration for a 13.6 acre waterfront park


  • Bathymetry survey
  • Preliminary coastal analysis
  • Environmental feasibility
  • Grant research and funding
  • Marina implementation strategy

More about the Currie Park Redevelopment project

Cummins Cederberg is currently working with Chen Moore and Associates and OLIN to complete Phase 1 of the Currie Park Redevelopment project. A bathymetry survey, preliminary coastal analysis, environmental feasibility, and grant opportunity research was conducted as well as the preparation of a marina implementation strategy.

Cummins Cederberg also worked with the City of West Palm Beach to successfully secure an $16M grant from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity to be used in Phase 2 of the project to implement the master plan. As part of Phase 2, Cummins Cederberg will provide marine resources surveying, engineering design and construction plans, environmental permitting, and grant implementation support for the in-water work including bulkhead replacement, rock revetment, living shoreline, boat ramp and staging dock repairs/replacement, new overwater docks, piers, boardwalks, and day docking.

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