A1A Scour and Wave Load Analysis for Seawall


Melbourne, Florida


Provided engineering analysis services for proposed seawall along a barrier island highway


  • Scour analysis
  • Hydrodynamic modeling
  • Wave load analysis
  • Numerical modeling
  • Storm surge analysis

More about the A1A Scour and Wave Load Analysis for Seawall

Scour and wave load analysis for proposed seawall from almost 2 miles of shoreline that experienced significant erosion during Hurricane Matthew. A hydrodynamic MIKE21 model was established to simulate tidal and storm surge flow. The model was calibrated relative to site specific current measurements obtained. A wave model was developed to simulate the wave conditions during extreme events. The scour associated with a 100-year event was determined and proper scour protection was designed. Wave loads were calculated for the proposed seawall for extreme event under varying conditions and water levels.

Catherine OlnickA1A Scour and Wave Load Analysis for Seawall